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Encomium and Jubilation as Elizabeth Abiola Fadero, Nurse Emeritus Retires from Royal Public Service

Congratulations and BRAVO! to the newest, sweetest, cutest, loveliest retiree in the world, our own sweetheart, Deaconess Elizabeth Abiola Fadero, a distinguished member of Eminent Global Forum.

Could you tell just how it feels to be a couple of days old retiree? But you could, only you’d find the joy certainly inexplicable. But I’m excited to tell you that every thought of how far God has helped you call for celebrating! We would have said you did it, as the Caucasians say, but then we know it would offend you because you have no idea how God did it. But all the same, we are so proud of you!

Whenever you wish to give more time and work prevents you, we always knew it was only a matter of time. We are confident that you are not tired of being such great a blessing to humanity and a seasoning to wherever you are. We remember how, despite your busy schedule, you remember everyone’s birthday in our family, and are always the first to send a wish and a prayer. Your exit from UCH created some gap, and we could already imagine the gap your retirement from British Royal Public Service created already. We could feel the sense of loss that those colleagues of yours feel right now!

I bless the day my friend, Dr. Philip Oyewale, your pastor brought you to us upon your visit to Nigeria almost two decades ago. The partnership and fellowship of the spirit we share and enjoy in the bond of unity has never been regrettable.

O, how we are glad that you are finally retiring! We are excited that after climbing the mountain, you finally can enjoy the view. We pray that you will continue to find great grace, blessings, joy, and strength in your new freedom so that the mountaintop will bless you with great serenity and peace. We pray that you will cherish every moment of this time and revel in this new stage of your life. Your health will not fail you, and your strength shall not diminish. Now shouldn’t we start planning all the trips that you didn’t get to make?! Especially to Dallas!😛😝 Happy retirement!

With love from Ayanfeoluwa, Inioluwa, Oreoluwadamiloju, Ododoeye, myself; every member of the House of Prayer Evangel Church Grand Prairie, where you maintain a right of full membership with all rights and privileges pertaining to it; and the Eminent Global Forum, in which you are such a leading light.

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